Mystic Tan, Versa Spa VS Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush VS Mystic Spray TanningSpray tans have come a long way over the last couple of decades. Booths like the Mystic Tan have improved, new booths like Versa Spa have come on the market, and custom airbrushing has become even more popular. So what are the differences between the systems and which is right for you?

Mystic Tan

Probably the most well known spray tan booth experience is the Mystic Tan. You enter the booth on your own and stand still while a robot filled with sunless tan solution moves up and down while spraying the solution in your direction. The positive is that for those that are shy, there is no technician to see your body. The con is that the solution is sprayed into the air, and you have to hope it hits the right parts of your body. If you turn your arm the wrong way or lift to far you could be tan where you typically would not be like your underarm, which could leave your tan looking unnatural.

Versa Spa

Very similar to Mystic Tan, and made by the same company, is the Versa Spa system. The main difference is that you can choose to have your full body done, just your face, or just your legs. Versa Spa also have voice commands to help clients through the experience, letting you know when to turn. The same pros and cons exist with the Versa Spa. It’s great for clients that want or need privacy.

Custom Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is applied by a technician using an airbrush system or HVLP system. Utilizing a technician means they can create a custom color for your skin tone, and apply it directly to your skin. This eliminates unwanted tan areas such as underarms, knees and elbows that often soak up too much solution resulting in dark areas, they can touch up areas to blend color or add more color, add definition for things like abs or thighs, and help even out skin tone issues due to rosacea, exzema or other issues. The con of course is that there is another person in the room with you so if you are extremely shy it may take some getting used to in order to feel comfortable. Your tan technician will help put you at ease and can accommodate personal requests such as shielding a body part with a towel to make you at ease.