Four Things That Can Fade Your Spray Tan

Spray Tan FadeA typical spray tan lasts 7-10 days as your skin naturally sheds layers. Daily care can help extend the life of your tan, or shorten it if you use products that increase the rate your skin exfoliates. Here are 4 things that can shorten the life of your spray tan:


Soaps that contain a high pH such as Dove and most bar soaps should be avoided both before and after your spray tan. Moisturizing soaps are good after your spray tan, but not before as they may prevent proper application.


Any clothing that rubs your skin on a regular basis can increase skin exfoliation. This is typically seen under bra lines, socks, and waistbands. Wearing clothes that fit properly can help avoid this, and using a tan extender in those areas may help.

Lotions and Face Products

Any lotion that “renews” or contains an acid such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) BHA (beta hydroxy acids) or RetinA will cause your spray tan to fade faster as they are designed to exfoliate the skin. These are typically found in facial products and body lotions. Hair remover products such as Nair can also cause exfoliation. If you are using these products you will need to be mindful to apply them evenly to avoid streaking your tan, and using a tan extender or bronzer in between spray tans.


Any extended period of time in water can affect your spray tan. Chlorinated pools and saltwater can be extremely harsh on your skin. Applying a water proof moisturizing lotion or sunscreen can minimize the wear on your spray tan.