4 Reasons Why Women Need a Spray Tan This Spring


Here comes the first day of spring at last. Finally we can ditch the jackets and coats and let our skin see the sunshine,hooray!

But hold on a minute…

Over the long cold winter months that we spent rugged up and covered away from site we’ve lost our beautiful summertime glow that we all love so much. Now our legs are brighter and whiter than the beautiful springtime blossom flowers.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the 4 most important reasons you should get a spray tan this spring.

#1 We Feel More Comfortable

OK, let’s just admit it. We’re all self conscious about our image. I don’t know one single person who says “I’m 100% happy with the way I look and I don’t care about anyone else’s opinions”. If you can honestly say that about your own body then a’men to you!

#2 A Tan Looks Healthy

It’s just the way our brains are wired. When we see someone who has just come back from a boat cruise or a holiday to somewhere nice and tropical with a beautiful glowing tan we tend to think that they’re somewhat healthier. In reality, if they’ve just come back from a cruise or tropical island holiday they’ve probably drank more alcohol than we’d consider healthy.

#3 You Choose Your Colour

One of the best parts about a spray tan is that you get to choose the colour of your complexion. This is great if you tend to tan naturally out in the sun unevenly.

#4 You’ll Look Slimmer and Taller

It’s crazy right!? We appear slimmer and maybe even taller when we’re a shade darker than our winter complexion. Thanks to this day and age that we live in we can now not only take height growth supplements like “Growth Factor Plus” to grow taller, but we can also get a spray tan which helps to create the illusion of being slimmer and possibly taller.

There are a heap of other great reasons to get a spray tan this spring, we think so any way. At the very least when you put back on your summer dress after the winter months you’ll be sure to get a compliment.