Tan Around To a Better Life: Why Tanning is Important for Men, Too!

tanning for men

Over the years, people have laid lot’s of claim on the benefits and risks of UV exposure, which is commonly the primary source of tanning.

Sometimes in winter, it may be necessary to visit that beauty shop for some UV treatment as tanning usually gets rid of the pale skin and brings the tanned skin that most people love. A tanned appearance is responsible for giving out a glow that further enhance someone’s look.

Overall, women have been known to pay more attention to beauty than men, here are some reasons why the guys should consider tanning with their female counterparts;

  • Boost of confidence

    The radiant glow that you get from a tanning session usually makes your skin look far much better. Don’t fry yourself with the claim that you are looking for beauty. Whether naturally or artificially tanning should be a safe procedure. So don’t forget your sunscreen when you’re out sunbathing. After all, you should showcase the tanned abs, not a burnt back.

  • Testosterone levels

    Testosterone hormone gives a man all the masculinity characters. If you’re looking to work out and build those jagged muscles, then you need high levels of testosterone hormone. The hormone also improves your performance in the bedroom, the more reason why you should get it. The vitamin D you get from tanning is very crucial in the stacking up of the testosterone hormone. When you elevate your levels of testosterone, you are exhibit more robust features which make you more attractive. For more info on how to boost your Testosterone levels, check out this Testogen article we found.

  • Better moods

    Sunlight exposure has been said to improve the attitudes of an individual. This can be owed to the datum that most of the people typically have a boost in confidence when they have had their skin tanned. The “looking better” mentality is the underlying reason why most people have better moods after a tanning session.

  • Natural sunscreen

    When you tan your skin continuously, what you’re actually stacking up is a real screen from the sun. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that UV light forces the skin cells to produce an increased number of the melanin pigment which is the natural protection against sunburns.


There have been lots rumors about the risks that the tanning process puts you in. however, first consider the fact that even doctors are recommending the tanning process to patients, especially the ones with the vitamin D deficiency. Note that everything in excess can have its risks. It’s, therefore, advisable to ensure that you take the tanning sessions in moderation to get the best results. Other things to consider before deciding how often you tan are; skin type, age, skin health and the color of the skin.

Not sure what your skin type is? See the Web MD skin type list here.


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Testosterone booster – supplementreviewhq.com

Healthy Tanning Practices


Hot days, cool nights can only mean one thing – the summer has arrived and, for many, that means a time to sport the summer glow. However, amid the excitement, don’t overlook the importance of healthy tanning practices. The lack of awareness of sun safety is deemed to have put people at risk for overexposure to UV (ultraviolet ) radiation, which is a risk factor for developing skin cancer. The American Melanoma Foundation (AMF) says that over 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year in over 2 million people in the United States, with every hour, 1 American dying of melanoma. Overexposure to sunlight can also cause physical changes on your skin like wrinkles, freckles, age spots, as well as texture changes. In addition, over exposure to the sun can also reduce the effectiveness of the brain as you can often feel drained and out of energy after spending too much time sun baking. We’ve been testing a great new Nootropic called Lumonol which we discovered by reading this Lumonol Review to combat the effects of feeling drowsy after sun baking.


To avoid negative effects and attain a safe and healthy sun-based tan, you need to follow some practices for a healthy summer glow.


You must exfoliate before sun exposure in order to achieve the best possible tan outdoors. The act of exfoliation gets rid of the dead cells from the uppermost skin layer and allows for fresh skin to appear. Besides, removing the dead cells evens your skin tone, removing pore-clogging dirt and oil, as well as preventing acne. To get a healthy and glowing tan, don’t overexpose your skin to UV-rays. It would be best to gradually tan by evenly dividing your time under the sun to reduce sunburn. Spending a whole day at the beach may give you a tan look for a day but it may very well leave you with sunburns when you leave. The best way to get a healthy summer glow is to tan in small doses. Half an hour to an hour under the sun a day will allow your body to produce adequate melanin to aid you the next time you tan.


Contrary to the beliefs of most tanning enthusiasts, you still can tan with sunscreen, and it is much better that you do that. In fact, SPF (sun protection factor) extends the time you can spend under the sun without suffering extra skin damage. Naturally fair skin has low melanin amount, which can leave the skin vulnerable to the carcinogenic UV rays from the sun and cause lobster-red burns on the skin without a proper SPF. Those with dark skin can also still get sunburnt, and the earlier you apply your sunscreen once you get exposed, the less damage UV-rays will do to your skin.


It’s also important to choose astutely what time you decide to go have an outdoor sun-based tan as UV strength is greatest from 10am to 4pm during sunny summer days. To achieve an even tan, remember your hat and shades. This is because the skin around your eyes, and your eyes themselves, are rather delicate to UV rays and failure to take proper precaution can result in the development of eye diseases such as cataract, age-related macular degeneration, as well as eye cancers. Lastly, remember to give your skin some time to repair itself following a day out in the sun and prior to trekking outdoors again. These practice tips will have you sporting healthy looking and radiant skin.

Here is the lumonol Review website we mentioned in the blog post: www.lumonolreview.com

Follow the link to see the data from The American Melanoma Foundation (AMF)

The Top Five Ways that Tanning Improves Your Appearance


Indoor tanning has become a popular trend among young adults and adolescents. The main components obtained through tanning are the ultra violet rays, which you obtain when your skin is exposed to the sunlight. There are several benefits of exposure to the ultra violet rays. These include improved moods, improved appearance and increase in the production of vitamin D. Tanning is done either through tanning beds or through tanning lamps. Here are the top five ways that tanning improves your appearance.

Improves Your Mood

Exposure to ultra violet rays is associated with improved moods and energy levels. Improved moods release hormones that leave your skin looking radiant and bright. With light exposure, the pineal gland, is stimulated and releases hormones as a result such as selatonin and melatonin. Therefore, lack of enough exposure to sunlight is a big reason for feeling low and unwell. To ensure that our faces are always looking bright and radiating, tan bed is the answer.

Tanning Aids in the Production of Nitrogen Oxide

Nitrogen oxide promotes a wider blood lumen thus improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure. With improved blood supply to the whole body, the skin is able to receive sufficient nutrients to remain supple and moist. This reduces flakiness or dry skin and enhances a smooth skin. A smooth skin is attractive which is made possible through tanning.

Production of Vitamin D

Exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays enhances the production of vitamin D. During winter, people may experience deficiency of vitamin D due to insufficient exposure to sunlight. Lower vitamin D is associated with multiple types of cancer, bone diseases, heart diseases and may sometimes lead to autoimmune syndrome. Its deficiency can also lead to weak bones. Some of us might be working in environments that limit the amount of sunshine that we get. With tanning, we are exposed to sufficient amounts of tanning needed to sustain a healthy looking skin. Results have shown that two weeks of tanning sessions can increase Vitamin D levels in the blood by more than 200%. Such high amounts of Vitamin D cannot be obtained from artificial supplements.

Tanning Promotes Uniform Skin Color

Tanning beds also ensure that the ultra violet rays reach the skin evenly. The skin will maintain a uniform color. This removes discoloration, blemishes and dark spots leaving the person looking attractive.

Promotes Attractiveness

Having a good-looking skin leaves you looking more attractive and appealing. Some benefits of tanning cannot be obtained in a normal exposure to the sun radiation seems it gets hot at times. With tanning, the exposure is controlled and the skin is bathed with the right and sufficient amounts of ultra violet rays. In connection to this, attractiveness ensures that you feel confident when you are interacting with others either for professional and social engagement. Another way you can feel attractive with your appearance may be with your breast size. I you need a little lift, or increase in your size, you might want to try Naturaful. For more information on Naturaful, you can check out the website: www.mynaturafulreview.net.

The benefits of tanning cannot be underestimated. Medical practitioners have also proved that tanning adds sufficient amounts of Vitamin D which is hard to obtain from other sources. Overall, maintaining regular tanning sessions will leave your skin looking healthy, smooth and looking attractive.


The Ultimate 7 Tips for Entering a Beauty Contest

If you ever dreamt of being like those super lovely ladies you see on TV and magazines, higher chances are that you’ve at some point asked yourself the question, “what is it that they do to get there?” truth be spoken, it is never an easy task to fight your way up to the point of being one of miss universe or miss world contestants. But of course, it all starts somewhere and to your amazement, it’s never that hard if you discover some secrets. The questions then pops up, where do you start?

Entering a local beauty contest is where most of those gorgeous ladies start. But you have to do it right from the word go if at all you are going to watch yourself climb the ranks with time. This being the case, here are some things you should know when joining a beauty contest.

Tip#1 – Know Your Way around – Talk to the right People

Of course, beauty contests and upcoming competitions are advertised and interested participants urged to make applications or such other approaches depending on your local area. But the word has to get to you. As a first step talk to friends in the salon, find a suitable mentor in the area and be on the loop about these contests. But then again, you have to beat the selection criteria.

Tip#2 – Take a Look in the Mirror

Look at yourself analytically, and determine what needs to be done on your body, face, hair, and so on. For example a visit to a tanning salon will improve the look of your skin and give you radiant glow. You might not notice blemishes and faults, so ask for comments from a few trusted friends and determine where some work is needed.

Tip#3 – Work On Your Facial Looks

Work with a cosmetician or beauty practicing. Seek for advice regarding the right facial products for you, the right make up to wear and so on. Your facial appearance is one of the major assets in beauty contests and as such, you want to look your best.

Tip#4 – Work On Your Body

If people consider you fat, you might not stand the best chance in a beauty contest. However, all hope is not lost for you as seeking a weight loss plan can be helpful. For slender or trim figured individuals, try discovering any drawbacks such as shaking buttocks, sagging abs and work on these to perfection first.

Tip#5 – Your Hair And Your Attire

Your hairstyle as well as your wardrobe is the other of the crucial things to try your best to perfect. There must be some great professional hairdressers and dressers you can work with to get you in top condition at affordable prices. Get advised on the best hairstyles and attires for your body in a beauty contests, as they’ll be highly important.

Tip#6 – Go for cosmetic surgery if need be

Sometimes situations such as stained or misaligned teeth may interfere with your smile. These and other conditions may require fixing with cosmetic surgery. However, keep your looks natural if you can for better experience when entering a beauty contest.

Tip#7 – Train On Stage Presentation And Modelling

Last but not least, presentation is important. Ensure that you get training on stage performance and presence in advance. Still, you might need to prepare for questions asked during the contest. Be sure to keep your set your mind free from distractions and stresses. You can take some mood stabilizers or memory supplement with the doctor’s consultation to help you focus and tackle the questions that come your way with great confidence.

You can find out more tips for entering a beauty pageant here.

7 Must Know Tanning Salon Tips


Tanning is the process of skin darkening by light exposure of when skin cells are exposed to UV Radiation; they change to a dark color to prevent further UV exposure. This results in a darkening of your skin part (tanning), which is the body’s natural protection process and prevent further damage from UV rays. Sunlight and artificial sun tanning methods, such as sun tanning offices or beauty studios, are sources of UV exposure. Some skin products are used in this procedure like Alpha Hydroxy, ceramides, coenzymes, copper peptide, green tea extracts, growth factors that are a supplement that helps in the growth of the cells, and fuel the growth of healthy, youthful skin and more like a skin fertilizer.

What Are the Salon Tanning Tips?

• Tanning should be done progressively, with help from experts who know the right amount of light exposure and can help you get a safe tan

• Your tanning salon or store can provide a tanning ‘plan’ designed for your skin.

• Some products are on the market, like tan decrease, that can help you get a deeper tan.

• Scrub your skin before tanning to get rid of any deceased or tough skin.

• Ensure that you wear appropriate footwear to your tanning appointment. Shoes such as steel cap boots are definitely not suitable at all.


• Always follow advice from your product producer and do not surpass suggested tanning times.

• Moisturizers can prepare your skin for UV exposure, reducing the dehydrating effects of sun tanning


Salon tanning has a group of experts that ensure you have enough exposure to develop and maintain a tan without overexposing your skin. Unlike outdoors that is determined by the time of the day, time of the year, weather that affects the amount of rays that you are exposed to that may lead to overexposure.

4 Reasons Why Women Need a Spray Tan This Spring


Here comes the first day of spring at last. Finally we can ditch the jackets and coats and let our skin see the sunshine,hooray!

But hold on a minute…

Over the long cold winter months that we spent rugged up and covered away from site we’ve lost our beautiful summertime glow that we all love so much. Now our legs are brighter and whiter than the beautiful springtime blossom flowers.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the 4 most important reasons you should get a spray tan this spring.

#1 We Feel More Comfortable

OK, let’s just admit it. We’re all self conscious about our image. I don’t know one single person who says “I’m 100% happy with the way I look and I don’t care about anyone else’s opinions”. If you can honestly say that about your own body then a’men to you!

#2 A Tan Looks Healthy

It’s just the way our brains are wired. When we see someone who has just come back from a boat cruise or a holiday to somewhere nice and tropical with a beautiful glowing tan we tend to think that they’re somewhat healthier. In reality, if they’ve just come back from a cruise or tropical island holiday they’ve probably drank more alcohol than we’d consider healthy.

#3 You Choose Your Colour

One of the best parts about a spray tan is that you get to choose the colour of your complexion. This is great if you tend to tan naturally out in the sun unevenly.

#4 You’ll Look Slimmer and Taller

It’s crazy right!? We appear slimmer and maybe even taller when we’re a shade darker than our winter complexion. Thanks to this day and age that we live in we can now not only take height growth supplements like “Growth Factor Plus” to grow taller, but we can also get a spray tan which helps to create the illusion of being slimmer and possibly taller.

There are a heap of other great reasons to get a spray tan this spring, we think so any way. At the very least when you put back on your summer dress after the winter months you’ll be sure to get a compliment.